Selina Landis

Book and installation realized for the group exhibition
“The Giant Floating Eyeball, Finance & Algorithms”, a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. The installation is a mash between a therapist couch and the office chair. This kind of furniture was primarily designed to make it possible to work for eight hours in the same position: a tool for productivity. The office couch is combined with a chat bot called Eliza that was developed during the 60’s and works similar to person centered therapy. Visitors of could lye on it and talk her. Our version of Eliza contains parts of the reader we compiled, and would share points of view with the interlocutor. The work was fueled by a text called “How to heal a Depression” by Franco "Bifo" Berardi and our quest “Can an Algorithm be a Therapist?” We looked at mental depression and economic depression —the personal and the economic event as interrelated and not merely affecting the individual. We searched for symptoms and causes in our culture and compiled the reader with it. In the collected texts the working body, the work environment and work ethics are quite central.
In collaboration with Seoyeong Youn.

Poster for group exhibition “The Giant Floating Eyeball, Finance and Algorithms” in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Hint to personal algorithms and the three newspaper editions Issued with the exhibition. With Seoyeong Youn.
Custom typefaces by Nedislav Kamburov & Edward July.
The project introduced above was accompanied by three pink newspapers that we published along the process. Whilst issue 1 focused on the starting points of research of each team, Issue 2 was composed collectively using an algorithm. Together with Kyheon, Seojeong, Berglind and Menso we took care of the last edition that also functioned as exhibition catalogue. It contains a reflection with each contribuiting team and a corresponding rendered object.

Videowork envishioning the businesscard of the future. Displaymethod realized with clay. Whilst freetime and work become more intertwined each skill might become relevant for a future employment. Joining forces with Seoyeong Youn we create an displaymethod to present our combined & expandable, rather crafty abilities.

Vocal Fry, Margaret Tatcher and Sperm Wales. This script is an exploration in the realms of the voice and a response to "Alphabet Reform" by Experimental Jetset. In collaboration with Zahari Dimitrov.

Poster for the "Academy Wide Propadeutic Project Week"
at KABK, with Nicolai Schmelling. Backside with schedule for daily report.
An Atlas on Sand Consumption in the Netherlands. Dutch sand is both dredged from under the sea, having devastating effects on beaches and is also imported into the Netherlands for construction – the atlas illustrates this economic cycle and its global connections. Included is an interview with an employee of a sand dredging company in the harbour of Rotterdam. Along with the book we created an interactive time-lapse that focuses on human mastery of sand, from the fable of the discovery of glass, to sands introduction into beauty products. With Clara Lezla.

Poster, flyer and banner for " Views from Above: Networks, Colonial Vision and Indigenous Resistance in the Brazilian Amazon", an exhibition and collaboration of the Non Linear Master Program KABK and Greenpeace Netherlands.
With Clara Lezla.

Redesign of the Organogram of our Academy in a way that would challenge hierarchy and structure in the institution. We wanted to create a system that would allow many points of view. We worked with clay and 3D software to make a organic interactive sculpture encapsulating departments and facilities. Or as a friend described it: "A website that even my mom could interact with".
In autumn we had the chance to show our books about communication tools at Page not Found . During the evening we people performed or presented a tool. Designed and organized with Zahari Dimitrov, Anna Moschioni and Seojeong Youn.
Poster for Marjanne van Helvert, her field of interest is the relation between ethics and aesthetics in design and DIY practices. BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design KABK Lecture Series.
Public space is filled with messages of all kinds written and performed by the individuals that inhabit it. We (the second year students of the Graphic Design of KABK) have worked collectively to compile the most subjective compendium of analog communication tools to date. This has resulted in a series of over 40 individual books, as well as brand new tools we came up with.

The soundwheel generates a speculative sound to a certain composed word. Messages can be written by moving the wooden dowels. The pitch of the sound is influenced by the speed with which the wheel is turning, the amount of wooden plucks and their position on the cylinder. The surface also functions somehow as an analog animated billboard. The object is a fusion between prayer wheel and music box.
The soundwheel is meant for public space, it is wind-driven thanks to four cups but if you are so lucky to live in a friendlier climate you can simply remove them.

Poster for our collective exhibition at Quartair Den Haag, on display our books and unique tools.

Estwo Decor is a leading manufacturer and distributor of architectural columns and elements for home and outdoor decor founded together with Seojeong Youn. Ancient columns remained for centuries and so will plastics. Estwo produces columns representing the beautiful ruins through all kinds of food packagings. The elements are made out of high quality plaster.
Concept for a dinner following the a black and white color scheme. Also designed for the evening: hand printed invitations and napkins, shaped custom plates and a printed a tablecloth. Hosted with Seojeong Youn.
Little ode to bamboo and its value in Chinese painting and culture. Selected content from "The Book of Bamboo" by David Farrelly. Black risoprint.
Laminated curtain (double sided) for PBM, short for Paris–Bordeaux–Marseilles, the band of our musical alter egos and our portal to trashy cover designs. With Rebecca Joly & Clara Lezla.
Installation for the group exhibition "Objects in Perspective". I got interested in a golden suitcase made out of a tomato tin can. Though the colorful tower I narrate and highlight five aspects of the object, such as the materials used and it's function.
Poster for our group exhibition at Quartair Den Haag. Cynotype and silkscreen. With Zahari Dimitrov.
The publication contains the interview of Patrick Moore with Neil Armstrong. His vague descriptions of the
Moon landing are accompanied by illustrations of an astronomy book.
Casted pewter spoon.